How To Destroy Wikipedia SERP Results

Black Hat
Wikipedia is the bane of the Internet. At least if one of their well ranked, Google loved pages is ranking above your site for your chosen niche keywords that is. Here are the 14 steps to overthrow a Wikipedia page.
  1. Use open site explorer or something similar to discover what Wikipedia pages are linking to your Wikipedia target page.
  2. Began removing the internal Wikipedia links pointing to the wiki page you want to jump. Do this slowly over time. It is best to point the link to another Wikipedia page so that the editorial staff doesn’t simply replace the link.
  3. Create a landing page on your site that is meant to be authoritative on the subject and all-encompassing just like a Wikipedia page.
  4. Create at least four supporting pages for your landing page discussing closely related topics. For a page on SEO, you may create additional pages on link building and content creation etc.
  5. Link to all supporting pages from your landing page to create a theme or silo effect
  6. Link to the landing page from your supporting content
  7. Interlink the supporting pages with one another. For the theme or silo to be effective you cannot link to any other pages outside of the silo in the supporting pages, nor can you link to the supporting pages from pages outside of the silo.
  8. Create a link in your landing page content (not sidebar) to the page you want to jump the Wikipedia result. Make sure to use the proper anchor text.
  9. Begin link building to the supporting pages. These links can be your classic article marketing, blog commenting, or Web 2.0 links. The point is to build some authority and get the pages indexed.
  10. Go to the Wikipedia page and create some random content that is clearly not factual on the Wikipedia page
  11. Take a screenshot of the content change and remove the bogus information from Wikipedia
  12. Visit open site explorer again and look at all of the external links pointing to the Wikipedia page and export them to a spreadsheet
  13. Go to each link pointing at the Wikipedia page and send them an email detailing the error of the Wikipedia page with the attached screenshot as proof. Describe how important it is that their readers get reliable information and offer your authoritative page as an alternative. Instruct them they should change their link immediately to point to your page. It is best to grab the email address from WhoIs of the Webmasters who own the site in order to get the best results.  
  14. Watch as the Wikipedia page drops into obscurity and your page moves to the top of the list

Guest post by: Jason Capshaw has provided Atlanta marketing services for the past six years with MyWebTronics. You can connect with him on Google+.

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Anonymous (not verified):

Thank you

Thank you for posting this so we know what to look for and prevent.

It saddens me to think that you work so hard to reduce the value of the Web for a few coins. I hope you think about your moral worth as you go about doing this.

A Wikipedia Administrator & Editor (not verified):


This is why I ban SEO accounts from Wikipedia on sight.

The Land (not verified):

I like the part about

I like the part about "instruct webmasters they should change their link to point to your site".

If only SEO were that easy!

How about you develop some actual content that people are actually interested in rather than using "SEO techniques" that are akin to a scam, and which will drop off the search engine rankings the next time they tweak their algorithms?

Anonymous (not verified):

What a moron! Is that how you

What a moron! Is that how you make a living? What creatures crawl from under rocks to pay for such low-life advice?

Anonymous (not verified):

Wonderful! I appreciate this


I appreciate this great post detailing how to automatically detect spammers on Wikipedia. As a Wikipedia editor, I'm glad that you were able to let us know about your technique. Unfortunately, you plan falls apart at Step 2, as the Wikipedia community condemns this disgusting conduct.


Anonymous (not verified):

"OH noes! An information

"OH noes! An information site's coverage is rated as more worthwhile than mine!

Maybe I should write a guide how to manipulate the web, to show exactly why that was a good rating? :)"

Anonymous (not verified):

Wikipedia has been making the

Wikipedia has been making the Internet not suck since 2001.

Good thing the SEO community have been around to fight back on behalf of mediocre spammy content.

I hope you all die in an industrial accident on your content farms, you parasites.

Anonymous (not verified):

go to hell, SEO scum

go to hell, SEO scum

JamesA (not verified):

You should be ashamed and so should the webmasters here

You should be ashamed Jason and so should Roko, Borko and anyone else who approved this. When people say the internet is being taken over by spammers and/or black hat seo you are what they are talking about. You give a bad name to real webmasters and marketers worldwide.

Anonymous (not verified):

This is why Wikipedia needs

This is why Wikipedia needs to die
Fagots like you abusing powers and banning people with no real proof.

Get a life, wiki-dolt!

* funny bit, the captcha is wpfag *

Mira (not verified):


I've a feeling that most people who link to Wikipedia know what they're in for. That it's a site anyone can change- hell, half the time they *are* linking to funny revisions that are vandalism, or really shitty articles. So step 13 is really quite a big jump. "oh noez wikipedia is unreliable!!11!!" might've worked a decade ago, but now? Eh, that's almost part of the charm, unless you're a teenager cribbing off it the night before a due date. It's a top site because it's big, because people recognize the name and go "there's enough people looking at that shit that it should be right cause someone would've changed it." Your little site may be nice and pretty but unless you're clearly highly qualified in your field, it is quite likely - as sad as that is- that Wikipedia will be rated as more reliable in the reader's mind simply because they know what to expect.

Anonymous (not verified):

You really are trolling scum, aren't you?

Whenever somebody tries to tell me that SEO is not all blackhats and evil, I can simply point them to posts like this as showing how SEO in practice is synonymous with vandalism and sabotage.

A Wikipedia Administrator & Editor (not verified):

As Philippe obviously shares

As Philippe obviously shares my disgust, I'll identify myself. The comment above, 'This is why I ban SEO accounts on sight', was me, User:Chase me ladies, I'm the Cavalry. I have a wonderful memory of watching a particular SEO optimizer spend weeks worming his way into the project, tricking users into trusting him and tweaking links. Of course, as soon as he had made enough edits that there was a pattern, his plan was obvious, and I took great satisfaction in exposing his edits to the community, picking apart every single one of his lies to the people who trusted him, and blocking his account, along with anyone from his company's IP address, from editing Wikipedia.

If anyone from MyWebTronics is reading this, I'll enjoy checking for your edits.

Jason Capshaw (not verified):

Wikipedia Moral?

Wikipedia is moral? It is one of the biggest sources of misinformation on the Web, ask any professor if they accept anything from Wikipedia? No, they do not.

Plus, wikipedia and some of their founders contains and has promoted pedaphelia. The sooner Wikipedia disappears from the SERPS the better the Web will be ;)

Jason Capshaw (not verified):

Make a living

Nope, I make a living putting sites with actual substance in the top of the SERPS and picking off crappy Wikipedia pages ;)

Jason Capshaw (not verified):

Here you go

@Anonymous...yes Wikipedia deserves its special place at for good

Nope...not really scum

This tactic has been around for years and you haven't stopped it, so good luck


I hope you have a long and prosperous life avoiding all industrial accidents and wish you success in your future endeavors, hopefully endeavors that are of more significance than Wikipedia

@Mira, I wrote this post because it works. It depends on your sell or how you contact the Webmaster

@JamesA: not ashamed ;)

@Chase me ladies...if an SEO is carefully placing links on your site and you can identify a pattern, he is not much of an SEO is he...anyway, from us over at MyWebTronics: GAME ON

wiki editor (not verified):

alternative approach

.. or .. just create good web pages, seo scum,

it takes ages to get pags correctly linked up in wikipedia, I bet you all use it, but to openely condone breaking it. take a hike, get a job that is actually beneficial to society


van Helsing (not verified):

Great initiative

Wikipedia is the vermin of the internet. Anonymous lies that makes the search results useles.

Like a leech Wikipedia is using sources on the Internet without giving any recognition to them.

These instruction are great - if people start to fight Wikipedia it might crumble. In fact there´s nothing new here - but if the methods spreads the Internet might get rid of the lies and plagiarism of Wikipedia.