Install Joomla on Your Windows Server in Less Than 5 Minutes!

Microsoft's Web PI has made installing applications like Joomla on a Windows server easier than ever before. In fact, if you have all of the dependencies, the entire process can be completed in less than 5 minutes.

Installing and configuring Joomla on a Windows server used to be a difficult and time consuming task. While some people still opt to run a completely manual install, it simply isn't necessary. Joomla has now been added to the Microsoft Web Platform Installer 2.0 (Web PI), which has made the entire process much easier. You no longer need to download and install all of the complimentary programs such as SQL and IIS independently. Before we get into actually installing Joomla 1.5, let's take a quick look at what the Microsoft Web Platform Installer is.

What is Web PI?

Web PI is completely free to download and use. It was actually designed to make using Windows servers much easier than its Linux counterpart, especially for those who are not technically savvy. In total it is under 2 megabytes, so it will take up very little room. Web PI was also designed with an improved validation support to make sure that everything runs correctly the first time, and also self-updates to ensure that it always includes the most recent version available.

How to Install Joomla on a Windows Server with Web PI?

Using Web PI, installing Joomla on a Windows server is a surprisingly easy venture. The first thing that you need to do is locate Joomla in the Microsoft web application gallery.

To go to the Application Gallery visit

To go directly to the Joomla install visit

Once you have found the Joomla install screen, the first thing that you need to do is actually click the Install Button. By clicking here, the web application installer will automatically activate. Joomla will be automatically selected; however you can browse other tools and add them simultaneously.

These tools could be a web platform (for clean servers), additional web applications, media platforms, developer tools, and much more. Once you have chosen what you want to install, click the Install Button again.

The next screen is what makes Web PI so easy to use. It will inspect your server and find all of the dependencies that you will need in order to run Joomla. This may include SQL, IIS, modules, extensions, and much more. All of these items will also be installed with your Joomla installation. Once you have reviewed this, click the I Accept button.

Let's assume that you need to install SQL Server Express as a dependency. All of the dependencies will be installed before the Joomla application. This ensures that Joomla is installed correctly the first time and no changes will need to be made later on. In order to do this, simply follow the instructions on the screen. If you already have all of the dependencies on your machine, installing Joomla will take less than 5 minutes.

Back to Joomla itself. Once all of the dependencies are installed, the first Joomla-specific screen is where you will enter the site information. Normally, all of the information will be filled in automatically and will not need to be changed. The next step is entering the application information, and it’s where you will create the application database. It is important that you record and keep track of all the information that you are entering, such as the database name, location, and password. The Web PI will now have all of the information that it needs to complete the installation.

Once the installation is complete, a confirmation page will show you all of the application information, as well as the dependencies that will be used. From here, you can launch Joomla and proceed with the final configuration and personalization that must be done by every Joomla user.

By using Microsoft's Web PI, installing Joomla on your Windows server is easier than ever before, and can be completed in less than 5 minutes. Using the Web App Gallery, you can actually install a number of additional applications simultaneously to your Joomla installation.

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Ali (not verified):

I have successfully installed

I have successfully installed Jooomla CMS on Windows Sever 2008 using WEB PI. It took less than 10 minutes. The process was so smoooooth.

Anonymous (not verified):

bug? in W PI 3.0

There is no value for parameter 'Database Password' description
The install Joomla failed

Anonymous (not verified):

RE: bug? in W PI 3.0

Jo (not verified):

Using WEB PI to install a custom Joomla (e.g Yootheme)


Bought a customised template of Joomla from Yootheme, and want to install it with example data on my IIS7 using WEB PI.

I want have two Joomla sites running simultaniously.

Tried to make an internal DNS A-record pointing to my own IIS hoping to make WEB PI download the customized installation package, but with no luck.

If I try to make a web installation, it automatically goes to the last page sying I have to delete the Intallation directory, probably because I already have another Joomla installation running.

Anyone have an idea how to make this work?

Anonymous (not verified):

Install failed

Install also failed for me because MySQL gets installed by Web PI automatically and I don't know the password...

bhing (not verified):

Oh wow,i needed that

Oh wow,i needed that information badly.I am having difficulty installing that offline,joomla is one of the best site ever.If you can send me a video i will highly appreciate that.