How to Effectively Create Link Building Content

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The content you write should be gripping. It should keep the audience captivated and make them forget about that delicious pizza they just ordered.

For the last few weeks we’ve been working with content and making it viral. Good content will determine how popular your back linking will be and how many page views you receive. Below are a few pointers on how to effectively create link building content.

Interesting content

The content you write should be gripping. It should keep the audience captivated and make them forget about that delicious pizza they just ordered. It should connect with them in ways that when they read your article, they’ll start nodding their heads in agreement or scowl at the injustice of the donkey being sold into slavery in Japan.

Keep it interesting, keep it to the point and most of all, don’t drawl! People do notice when you just start to type and don’t actually have a focus point or any kind of facts.

Inserting different types of media will brighten up your article and most importantly, using the correct layout and grammar is vital.

Because really,nobody,likes it_when it seems, Like you don’t have AnY clue about grammar and they definitely will start questioning your intelligence and the viability of the information.

Infographics – Twitter

These days, people don’t have time to read and everything seems to happen faster. Fast popcorn, fast food, fast workouts... and the list goes on. Giving in to the pressure when it comes to making content shorter seems a waste since you’ll be losing a lot of information or valuable points. Not so with infographics!

Infographic Excerpt

Above is an extract from an example of a slideshow Twitter did. Instead of creating a bland text presentation, they spiced it up with media and I’m sure not a single person missed the point.

Up to date issues

Keeping up to date with the latest news, coupled with the correct title and keywords, means you can create a highly sought after article. Up to date issues could be anything current or hot at the moment, from the latest election in South Africa to the British Royal Wedding or even recent hurricanes and their aftermaths. Posting your content as soon as the event occurs is the key - the sooner the better.

Webmasters who need the story but don’t have the time to write it will go in search for great material, and that will result in a link for you.

Celebrity interviews

This is usually a difficult one to get but if you can organise an interview with a famous or infamous celebrity, you will get links to your content in no time. Covering a scandal or anything that will draw immediate attention to the content will be promising.

A good example is the  Charlie Sheen fiasco where he’s reportedly gone mad. If you could get an exclusive interview, you would be set with a few thousand links.

Creating content with how-to-do lists

Creating an interesting and easy to understand list on how to build your own car or anything of that nature is be a great strategy to bait people to your content. A well thought out and planned title will help to attract more people. Research your title and what you believe would be the most likely search query about the topic.

An example of this would be:

  • 101 ways to eat macaroni
  • 10 tips for a wedding
  • 5 software tools for web designers.

High quality images

When posting content, be sure to include high quality images in your article. Using a low resolution image just looks sloppy and makes your content unsightly.

A pixelated image is usually the result of a small image being resized too much or a file which was corrupted or badly converted. A good indication of an image being pixelated is when the file size is extremely small. Inserting an image with a size of 150 – 250kb’s will usually do the trick. On the other hand, don’t use massive files since this will slow down loading time and chase away SEO savvy webmasters.

Create a “You link to me I’ll link to you”

Search engine marketing has proven that offering a mutually beneficial partnership can reap great rewards. Proposing a link swop will ensure that you will have a link to your content and it will make the webmaster really happy to have a valuable link too.

Also remember, aggressive bulk mailing tactics usually don’t work, instead get to know other webmasters and eventually bring up the link swopping idea.

Ruan Smit is a SEO consultant at R.O.I. Media with his expertise being in Link Building. R.O.I. Media is an search engine marketing agency offering high level traffic and conversion optimisation services.

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Ben (not verified):

Nice post, I agree fully with

Nice post, I agree fully with the high quality images and have had a lot of success with that in the past. A lot of people also overlook this. Infographics are a good example of how well a image can work and draw links.

Free MMORPG NO Download 2011 List (not verified):


Uh that infographics thing backfired for me. I read the plain text half but not the other half that where"they spiced it up with media." All those images made it harder to read the text and they are too common like a pile of paper. Who is going to pay attention to a pile of paper.