ocPortal Announces the First Release of ocPortal 5.0

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Anyone who has been using ocPortal prior to this release will immediately note a large number of changes, improvements, and enhancements.

ocPortal has become a well known content management system and has just released the first 5.0 candidate. They have reported a number of changes and additions in this new release. When viewing all of the changes, many people consider it to be a complete overhaul of this content management system. Here are some highlights of the ocPortal 5.0 release:

1. Design

There have been a large number of design changes when comparing the new release to older versions. The Admin Zone has new navigation system that includes drop down menus and cleaner screen scrolling and transitions. Additionally, there have been a number of elements that have been completely redesigned including: the gallery, the member profile screen, the member points screen, the quiz screen, and the commenting interface.

2. Ratings, RSS, and Comments

The rating system is now using an AJAX system and star icons. Additionally, RSS feeds are now limited based upon item quantity and date. Additionally, guests can leave their name when commenting.

3. Theme

There have been a number of changes in regards to the theming. There is a new text editing ability for the CSS and template editors. Additionally, every template can be previewed before they are made active. The logo editing process has been simplified as well.

4. Galleries

Galleries can now be video transcoded and a new block has been added for animating in between images. Editing the gallery has been streamlined as well. Plus, the number of entries is no longer hard coded into the gallery.

5. Performance and Backups

There have been several performance upgrades. The Tempcode uses less memory, increased optimization when changing HTML to Comcode, and the backup system is much less likely max out the available memory when creating a backup. Plus, you can now get an estimate as to the size of a backup and database-only backups are now possible.

6. Addons

Along with ocPortal 5.0, 30 new addons have been included. All of these addons are optional. Some of the standout addons include: new ways to display Amazon affiliate items, new mapping tools, a crossword generator, enhanced shoutbox, and a spinning tag globe.

There is an extremely large number of changes and bug fixes that have taken place in ocPortal 5.0. It looks to be a major upgrade on all fronts: design, usability, technically, and optimization. It was first released on July, 22nd and immediately received excellent reviews.

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